We’re a team of experienced security experts, conflict management practitioners and professional trainers that specialise in:

  • Risk and liability reduction
  • Protecting against workplace violence and aggression
  • Helping people to feel safe and secure

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of workplace violence prevention services, including professional consultancy, management support and training for staff at all levels.

We work in partnership with Safeguard Security Consultants Ltd, (the established market leaders in Security Expert Services) and a matrix of other specialist security service providers. So, clients never need to look elsewhere for solutions.

Our Mission

We want to live in a safer, fairer, friendlier, more cohesive community in which everyone:

  • Has equal opportunity
  • Practices non-violent means of resolving differences
  • Is more caring and considerate towards others
  • Welcomes diversity
  • Reaches their full potential
  • Can feel significant

Our mission is to contribute towards this goal by helping others to minimise the risk of workplace related violence and aggression.


Our experts can help you

  • Assess and define the problems being encountered
  • Decide your policy
  • Set clear targets (e.g. reduce assaults on staff by 50% in 12 months)
  • Formulate a strategy for achieving your aims
  • Train your staff to be able to implement your policy
  • Monitor and evaluate progress
  • Minimise risk

Our Management Team


Jim O’Dwyer
Senior Consultant

Jim has an expert knowledge of workplace Health & Safety legislation and violence reduction strategies and he has been registered as an Expert Witness in Workplace Related Violence and Physical Intervention & Restraint matters since 2007.

He is also the proprietor and editor of the Violence at Work (UK) web site.

Jim is no stranger to managing ‘high energy’ conflict and aggression. He served with the Metropolitan Police for 14 years and headed the Central London Pickpocket Squad for five years earning Commendations for bravery and professional ability.

Jim has always been focussed on developing the very best training for staff at risk of violence. He is a founder member of the Institute of Conflict Management (ICM), the body that formed to develop national standards for training in the management of workplace violence and aggression.

Jim is a specialist in physical intervention and restraint. His expertise comes from Aikido, a martial art that promotes non aggression. Jim is a 4th Dan Black Belt and the Chief Instructor at the Bournemouth Aikido Club. His experience enabled him to develop a unique and effective intervention and restraint skills system that is refreshingly different to traditional methods as it does not rely on causing pain or the threat of pain to gain control.

In 1997, Jim set up AEGIS and in 1998, AEGIS became the first organisation in the UK to gain official accreditation from an Awarding Body for a Physical Intervention Skills training course for Security Guards. The programme was Approved & Certificated by SITO, the National Training Organisation for the Security Industry.

In 2011, Jim designed a (QCF Level 2) physical intervention skills training course that was approved by Highfields Awarding Body (HABC) and the Security Industry Authority (SIA) for Door Supervisor Licence-linked training. He also authored the (L3) Train the Trainer course for the programme. 

In 2012, Jim was commissioned by the National Association for Healthcare Security (NAHS) to design a complete suite of training for Healthcare Security Officers


Tangy Nethercott
Business Development Manager

Tangy joined AEGIS in 2009 as a trainer. However, it wasn’t long before her excellent organisational skills brought her more responsibility. Tangy now handles all aspects of business development, training delivery and customer relations.

Tangy is also a very experienced instructor, qualified to deliver our full range of training.

Tangy previously worked in social care in the community, where she gained a wealth of experience dealing with clients with a range of mental health conditions and challenging behaviour, in particular with elderly clients.

Tangy’s hobbies include Thai boxing, reading and motor racing. Tangy is also a 3rd Dan Black Belt in the martial art of Aikido and teaches classes twice a week at the Bournemouth Aikido Club.

A clinical, systematic approach

Our methodical approach to risk and liability reduction is based on the ‘Organisation and Training’ model that has proved so successful in USA mental healthcare environments and the “Guidelines for Addressing Workplace Violence in the Health Sector” issued jointly by the International Labour Office, the International Council of Nurses, the World Health Organisation and Public Services International.

It’s a winning formula that can be applied to any and all work settings.


Our involvement results in:

  • Increased staff capability and motivation
  • Reduced risk of serious injury to staff
  • Reduced risk of staff action resulting in injury
  • Reduced risk of complaints
  • Less anxiety and stress
  • A happier, more committed workforce
  • Increased staff loyalty (less absenteeism)
  • Higher levels of staff retention
  • Increased workplace efficiency and productivity
  • Improved quality of service to clients
  • Solid protection against litigation
  • Enhanced corporate image
  • Peace of mind at all levels in your organisation


Our Competitive Edge

Our experience and practical ‘know how’ puts us among the market leaders for violence prevention and conflict management and our energy and commitment to providing a quality personal service edges us clear of most. However, our competitive advantage is the safety benefits of the physical skills training we provide. Our unique brand of training answers the need for effective, non-aggressive ‘physical skills’ to handle challenging behaviour and violent situations. It also facilitates much closer management control over staff performance and incident outcomes.

AEGIS physical skills:

  • Enable positive care ideals to be continuously maintained throughout violent situations
  • Work without any need to strike, hurt, or threaten to hurt the subject
  • Effective (pressure tested) skills that staff can have confidence in
  • Can’t be used to cause pain to a subject
  • Guard the people who the methods are applied on against abusive mistreatment and injury
  • Protect the people who apply the methods against allegations of excessive force

Endorsements received

In 2012 – AEGIS Top Up training for Healthcare Security Officers was accredited by Awarding Body IQ and endorsed by the National Association for Healthcare Security.

2013 – AEGIS Physical Intervention & Restraint Skills for Healthcare Security Officers training course was endorsed by the National Association for Healthcare Security.

2014 – “Healthcare Security Officer Training” course approved and endorsed by the National Association for Healthcare Security.

2014 AEGIS Training for employability professionals is approved by the Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP).


2016 – Healthcare Security Officer Training (e-learning) courses accredited by Skills for Security.