Project Description

This Half-Day training course teaches a systematic, safe approach to delivering nursing care that will help to reduce the risk of physical assaults on staff by patients

Ideally, delegates should have attended CRT prior to this course.

The training is for all NHS Staff at risk of being assaulted. Delegates are taught a systematic, safe approach to delivering care that will help to reduce opportunity for assaults to happen (grips, grabs, pinching, scratching, hair pulling, hitting, kicking). Delegates also learn how to protect and move away if they are grabbed hold of, or attacked (Breakaway skills).

The practical skills are effective, safe to practice, able to be mastered quickly by most people and (due to their simplicity) unlikely to be forgotten in a crisis. None of the skills taught on the course involve learners raising aggression against another person or deliberately causing pain or injury.

Topics covered include:

  • Factors that increase the risk of assault
  • Acquiring info about the patient
  • Visible warning signs, including body language
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment and Decision Making
  • Subliminal dialogue and the effects of invading Personal Space
  • How to safely approach the patient, establish a relationship, explain the process to be conducted, get consent and gain cooperation
  • How to, through strategic positioning, inhibit opportunity for an assault during treatment of a patient who is standing, seated and lying down on a bed
  • The importance of continually monitoring the patient’s behaviour
  • How to disengage from common grips and grabs (Breakaway skills) if the patient gives any cause for concern
  • How to deflect blows and escape to safety if attacked

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