Dementia Care Training

This e-learning course is for all ‘front-line’ NHS Staff whose work brings them into contact with patients who have dementia. This training course builds on earlier learning from the Dementia Awareness Training programme and provides learners with a suitable introduction to managing the care of hospital patients who have dementia.

Learning Outcomes:

After completing the training, learners should:

1. Understand a range of difficulties that commonly affect people with dementia.

2. Know what contributes to a ‘dementia friendly’ environment (and what makes an environment ‘dementia unfriendly’).

3. Know how best to communicate with a person who has dementia.

4. Gain awareness of factors that contribute to general well-being and improved recovery rates for patients with dementia (including nutrition, hydration, social interaction and cognitive stimulation).5. Know how best to manage dementia associated behaviours (wandering, inappropriate behaviour, challenging behaviour, hallucinations.)

6. Know how to approach the risk of slips & falls.

7. Gain awareness of the factors that promote dignity in care.

8. Know the signs of neglect/abuse.

9. Appreciate the importance of planning for discharge.

Course Index:

Module 1 Dementia Care Training
Unit 1 (dct) - Difficulties caused by dementia
Unit 2 (dct) - A ‘dementia friendly’ hospital environment is vital
Unit 3 (dct) - Speech & Communication
Unit 4 (dct) - Eyesight
Unit 5 (dct) - Vision and perception difficulties
Unit 6 (dct) - Hallucinations
Unit 7 (dct) - Hearing
Unit 8 (dct) - Diet & Nutrition
Unit 9 (dct) - Hydration
Unit 10 (dct) - Opportunities for social interactions
Unit 11 (dct) - Providing cognitive stimulation
Unit 12 (dct) - Group Activities
Unit 13 (dct) - Risk of slips & falls
Unit 14 (dct) - ‘Sundowning’ Syndrome
Unit 15 (dct) - Wandering
Unit 16 (dct) - Managing inappropriate behaviour
Unit 17 (dct) - Managing aggressive behaviour
Unit 18 (dct) - The Dignity Challenge
Unit 19 (dct) - Protecting against abuse
Unit 20 (dct) - The importance of planning for discharge
Unit 21 (dct) - Exam


To commence learning, click on the Course Index heading for Unit 1 (dct) – Difficulties caused by dementia. This will open the learning.

When you are ready to continue to Unit 2, use the button provided to mark Unit 1 as ‘Complete’. This will allow you to access Unit 2 and so on to the end of the course.

When you mark a Unit as ‘Complete’, a green tick will appear in the Course Index, producing a useful visual reminder as to your progress. It will not affect your ability to re-visit the training content.


There is a multiple-choice/true-false Exam at the end of the course (Unit 21).

There are 60 questions and you need to get at least 45 of them right (75%) in order to pass and qualify for a certificate.

There is no time limit to complete the Exam or to how many times the test can be taken.

So, keep going until you pass!


As soon as you have passed the Exam, you have qualified for a Certificate and will be able to download it immediately (.pdf).


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