AEGIS has developed two unique Dementia Training courses specifically for acute hospital staff.

The new training is available now as e-learning, facilitating learners to be able to learn at a time, place and pace that suits them.

Nurse Sitting and Working at her Computer


Jim O’Dwyer, Senior Consultant at AEGIS, said:

“A number of elements can contribute to a ‘dementia friendly’ hospital environment and these are detailed in the training programme. However, the most welcoming feature will always be the presence of calm, friendly, approachable, well-trained, well-motivated staff. This new dementia training will inform and support NHS Staff to better understand the needs of patients with dementia (and their carers and relatives), improve communication and facilitate a higher standard of care. Provision of the training will enable NHS Trusts to meet Objective 13 of the National Dementia Strategy – An informed and effective workforce for people with dementia.”

“The fact that the training has been designed specifically for acute hospital staff makes it significantly different to other dementia training resources. To my knowledge, there is nothing else out there like it.”

“I’m sure the training content will also be of interest to people who have dementia and their carers, as it provides a unique insight into what NHS Trusts could/should be doing to ease and minimise patients’ distress during hospitalisation.”