How do Healthcare Security Managers ensure their security team members know and understand important aspects of their role and responsibilities?

Well, AEGIS Protective Services is pleased to announce availability of a new and inexpensive way to conduct a spot-check.

It takes the form of a short (20 mins) online test that Healthcare Security Officers can take any time it’s convenient for them, using their computer, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

The Knowledge Test consists of 20 questions drawn randomly from the question pool for the AEGIS Healthcare Security Officer Training course of over 500 questions.

To pass the Test, delegates need to answer 15 or more questions correctly (75%).

Successful delegates can immediately download a Certificate confirming their achievement.

To take advantage of this new service, Healthcare Security Managers are invited to either:

  • Contact us to arrange a group booking. The benefits of a group booking include that it will help to identify areas of ‘knowledge deficit’ and highlight any group training/re-training needs. Significantly, it will also provide Security Managers with a useful record evidencing due diligence that will help to minimise employer liability in the event of adverse outcome incidents. So, a nominal cost applies to the group booking service.
  • Or, alternatively, task their security team members to register individually to take the Test (FREE) by clicking the button link below.