Healthcare security officers face a hugely challenging and varied role in which failing to make the correct call can lead to potentially catastrophic outcomes and put NHS Trusts and managers at risk of lawsuits. Fully-trained security staff are vital to protect NHS from litigation.

The range of volatile situations that healthcare security officers can face mean they need to be equipped with a range of specific skills. The larger the hospital, the more complex and diverse the kind of situations they face, with those working in inner city hospitals and mental health facilities faced with the biggest challenges.

For the last two years, the National Association for Healthcare Security (NAHS) have worked in partnership with Jim O’Dwyer of AEGIS to develop a new industry-standard training programme for healthcare security officers.

The AEGIS Healthcare Security Officer Training programme stands as a model of best-practice. It conforms to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) specification for security guard licence-linked training and, in addition, goes a lot further, preparing healthcare security officers to be able to safely and effectively manage their responsibilities.

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