AEGIS Healthcare Security Officer Training v2 course recommended for all NHS security professionals by Paul Coates, TechIOSH

Positive feedback received

A lot of work has gone into producing the new Healthcare Security Officer Training v2 course and it is very gratifying indeed to get feedback of this calibre (see below) from a healthcare security professional with more than 25 years’ experience in the role.

Thank you Paul Coates TechIOSH.

Paul Coates TechIOSH image


I’ve just completed the Healthcare Security Officer Training, v2 (e-learning) course by AEGIS Protective Services and I can recommend it to all NHS security professionals.

It is a really comprehensive course, covering all aspects of the NHS Security Officer role and brimming with important information.

I have more than 25 years’ experience and I still learned lots!

Logging in and access to the course was straightforward and simple. The course work is laid out clearly and progressively and the tests at the end of each unit enable you to confirm your assimilation of the learning as you go along.

I particularly liked the new units on reporting and accounting for use of force and safeguarding and I gained valuable insight from the sections on Video Recording on NHS premises and use of BWV.

The training sets a new benchmark for NHS Security Officer training and in my opinion it should be mandatory across the NHS.

Thanks Jim O’Dwyer and AEGIS!

Paul Coates TechIOSH, NHS Security Officer

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