On 26th July 2021 AEGIS Protective Services sent Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to 194 NHS Trusts in England, posing four security related questions.

  1. Does the NHS Trust contract a private security company to provide Security Officers to work onsite, or employ an ‘in house’ team of Security Officers, or both?
  2. Please provide a copy of the most recent ‘training needs analysis’ conducted at the Trust for a Security Officer role or, explain why there isn’t one.
  3. Do Security Officers have autonomy to remove people from the Trust’s premises i.e. without seeking advice from clinical staff as to whether or not the person to be removed requires medical advice, treatment or care?
  4. Are Security Officer training deficiencies that are known to exist listed on the NHS Trust’s Risk Register?

Two NHS Trusts initially claimed legal exemption against disclosing some or all of the requested information (section 31(1)(a) FOIA).

However, following the intervention of the ICO, both NHS Trusts have now provided responses to the security questions posed.

What this shows is that the public interest in disclosure outweighed the ‘security risks’ associated with disclosure.

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