Physical Intervention & Restraint Skills Training for Healthcare Security Officers

This training manual has been designed to support a tutor led training programme and provide delegates with suitable reference material to refresh their memory of the training course they attended. It is not a standalone Training course.


SO = Security Officer
SU = Service User

Course Index:

Module 1 Foundation Knowledge
Unit 1 Physical Intervention & Restraint
Unit 2 Reducing the risk of harm
Unit 3 Good practice following physical intervention
Module 2 Disengagement Skills (Breakaway)
Unit 1 A strong, stable base
Unit 2 Balance Points
Unit 3 Maximising your power
Unit 4 Releasing from Grips and Grabs
Unit 5 Defending against blows
Unit 6 A Safe Approach
Module 3 Escorting & Holding Skills
Unit 1 Single Person Escorting & Holding Applications
Unit 2 Two Person Escorting & Holding Applications
Unit 3 Assisting Colleagues
Module 4 Intervention to stop an assault
Unit 1 Single Person Physical Intervention
Unit 2 Team Physical Intervention
Unit 3 De-escalating & Disengaging
Module 5 Physical Restraint
Unit 1 Prone Position Restraint
Unit 2 Transitioning from Prone to Supine
Unit 3 Supine Restraint
Unit 4 Third Person Support
Unit 5 Restraint on a bed/trolley
Unit 6 Use of Emergency Restraint Belts
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