This training course builds on learning from the Dementia Awareness Training and provides an introduction to caring for hospital patients who have dementia

After completing Dementia Care Training, learners will:

  • Understand a range of difficulties that commonly affect people with dementia
  • Know what contributes to a ‘dementia friendly’ environment (and what makes an environment ‘dementia unfriendly’)
  • Know how best to communicate with a person who has dementia
  • Be aware of factors that contribute to general well-being and improved recovery rates for patients with dementia (including nutrition and hydration)
  • Know how best to manage dementia associated behaviours (wandering, inappropriate behaviour, challenging behaviour, hallucinations)
  • Know how to approach the risk of slips & falls
  • Be aware of factors that promote dignity in care
  • Know the signs of neglect/abuse
  • Appreciate the importance of planning for discharge.

Qualification & Certification

Although most learners can expect to complete the Dementia Care Training course through to certification in a few hours (e.g. Half-Day) online, they have up to 12 months from the date of registration to do so.

Learners can contact AEGIS for expert assistance and guidance at any time.

Assessment is by online Examination (60 multiple-choice questions.)

The Examination is not time-limited.

The percentage needed to pass the online Exam is 75%.

In the event that a learner fails to answer enough Exam questions correctly first time, they can re-sit the Exam’ until they do pass.

When Learners have successfully passed the online Exam, they have qualified and can immediately download a Certificate confirming their achievement.

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