Body Worn Video on NHS Premises

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Course Title: Body Worn Video on NHS Premises

Overall level of the qualification: Level 2.

Pre-requisite Qualifications:  None

Delivery Method: Online learning

Course Content: The course comprises 26 Units of Study.

Training Aim and Learning Outcomes: After completing this training, delegates will be aware of the advantages and challenges of Body Worn Video (BWV) and the procedures to be followed when recording and be able to:

  1. State the proven benefits of BWV.
  2. Explain the general presumption to record.
  3. Recognise when and when not to audio/video record situations.
  4. Describe best practice when commencing and concluding BWV recordings.
  5. Describe the duty of Police to use BWV to record incidents in NHS MH settings.
  6. State the SIA licensing requirements applicable to BWV Operatives.
  7. Demonstrate awareness of BWV technology innovations and developments.
  8. Explain the effects of a ‘pre-event recording buffer’ feature on BWV cameras.

Assessment Method: Assessment is by online Examination, 20 (randomised) True/False questions. The Exam is time limited to 45 minutes. The percentage needed to pass the Exam’ is 75%. In the event that a learner fails to answer enough Exam questions correctly, or is timed out (automatic fail), they can re-sit the Exam a further two times, before being registered as a ‘Fail’.

Certification: When a Learner qualifies, they can immediately download a Certificate confirming their achievement.

How long will it take to complete?

Qualification can be achieved in an hour or two of concentrated study but may take some Learners longer. Learners must in any event complete the training within the Term (18 months.)

Having recently implemented body-worn video at our trust, I searched for a course which was catered towards the use of body-worn video within the NHS. To my dismay, I did not find many suppliers of such a course. It was by sheer chance whilst scrolling through LinkedIn, I came across an advert from AEGIS, advertising a course for the use of body-worn video on NHS premises. Jim was helpful and informative throughout the process, from acquiring the course, during, and upon completion. I had 19 delegates enrolled and the feedback was great, most commented that they had learned a broader, more in-depth knowledge of the legislation in support of body-worn video and the restrictions on its use. All 19 delegates now have a higher appreciation for the use of body-worn video and the benefits it brings to their role as hospital security. I would like to thank Jim for developing a much-needed NHS specific course in this area.

Daniel Pender, Security Operations Manager , Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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