This One-Day Training Course is for all ‘front-line’ employability practitioners, including Managers and receptionists

The training will develop each learner’s ability to utilise conflict management and ‘talk-down’ skills to prevent client initiated violence and avoid being injured by verbal abuse or physical assault whilst at work. The training is designed to prepare trainees to be able to react professionally, ethically and safely in threatening situations. Confidence derived from the training will also help to alleviate anxiety about possible future confrontations.

Learners are briefed on:

  • The nature of the risks being face
  • Corporate Policy on Violence
  • Corporate Risk Reduction Controls and how they work
  • The relevant legal rights of staff and clients
  • How to handle threats and verbal abuse

Threat Recognition

Through presentations, exercises and discussion, learners learn:

  • The ingredients of and typical precursors to violence
  • Recognition of the effects and signs of stress, drink and drugs
  • The ‘danger signs’ of an imminent attack
  • Gauging the risk and decision making (calling for support / staying / leaving)
  • The benefits of remaining alert to fluctuations in the ‘threat level’

This element ensures learners appreciate how danger may be likely to manifest itself and know how to recognise and interpret common warning and danger signals.

Positive behaviour during confrontations

Guided by the Instructor, the learners discuss and learn:

  • The effects of stress during and after a confrontation
  • Inter personal skills (confident, helpful attitude; ‘active’ listening)
  • How cultural differences, drink, drugs and emotion can impact on communication
  • How to defuse anger and hostility
  • To avoid using Language / Behaviour / Movements / Gestures that are likely to escalate aggression and ‘trigger’ assaults
  • The importance of maintaining an ‘escape’ route and close contact with colleagues
  • When to disengage and how to move away

Tactical Positioning

The learners learn a safer approach to ‘face to face’ confrontations from participating in exercises and experiencing the effects of:

  • Close proximity and invasion of personal space
  • Calming body language
  • Non threatening and threatening postures / stances
  • Safe positioning / distancing

Protecting against assault

Learners practice and have fun learning:

  • How staying calm and interested to help can help to deter attack
  • How to reduce / deny opportunity for physical assault to initiate during interactions
  • How to deflect blows and escape to safety if attacked

These practical skills delegates learn are effective, safe to practice, able to be mastered quickly by most people and (due to their simplicity) unlikely to be forgotten in a crisis. None of the skills taught on the course involve learners raising aggression against another person or deliberately causing pain or injury.

Training delivery

This is a classroom based training course. Knowledge transfer takes the form of presentations, discussions and practical exercises, delivered in an informal ‘workshop’ style that invites and encourages learner involvement and participation.

Lesson Notes/ Training Manual

Learners will each receive a ‘welcome pack’ and comprehensive hand-outs that support the course learning.


All learners completing the training will receive a personalised Certificate of Attendance, endorsed by the Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP).


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