Working in certain Local Authority roles presents an increased risk of verbal and physical violence

For example:

Complaints Managers
Receptionists and Telephonists
Enforcement Officers
Licensing Officers
Housing Officers
Benefits Officers
Library Staff
Outreach Workers
Social Services Staff
School Crossing Guards
Refuse and Recycling Collectors
Education Officers
Lone Workers

Protecting your assets

Our Local Authority Staff Training programme comprises a foundation level course, Aggression Awareness & Prevention, overlaid with three further courses, providing for progressive skills development in line with risk and role responsibility.

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Aggression Awareness & Prevention

This Half-Day training course is a baseline for all Council employees.

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Assault Avoidance & Breakaway Skills

This Half-Day training course is for staff identified as being at increased risk of abuse, threats and assaults by members of the public.

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Working Safely – Home Visiting

This Half-Day training course will resource each delegate with the knowledge and skills to safely work away from base.

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Physical Intervention & Restraint

This One-Day course is for staff at risk of physical violence, especially those with responsibility for attending violent scenes.