This Half-Day training course is a baseline for all Council employees

The training raises awareness of the threat of ‘violence at work’ and provides delegates with a sound comprehension of the management controls in place to protect them.

Delegates learn how they can contribute in a positive way – by regulating their own behaviour, reporting concerns early and disengaging from unsafe situations. The training includes presentations and exercises that help to eliminate common doubts and uncertainties about violence and shows how to minimise the risk of confrontations resulting in an assault.

Topics covered include:

  • What violence at work is and how it impacts on the workplace
  • The nature and extent of the risk being faced
  • Relevant legal rights of both staff and clients
  • Explanation of the organisation’s Policy on violence
  • Risk “control” measures and how they work
  • What is required of employees (employer’s expectations & legal obligations)
  • Reporting, what constitutes a Reportable Incident/Safety Concern
  • Threat recognition – ingredients of violence and how danger manifests itself
  • Interpersonal skills – verbal/non-verbal communication
  • The behaviours likely to escalate/de-escalate hostility
  • Safe positioning and the effects of proximity
  • The importance of maintaining an egress route and close contact with colleagues
  • Decision making – calling for support – staying/leaving
  • The effects of stress in a confrontation
  • Likely post-incident effects

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