This Half-Day training course will resource each delegate with the knowledge and skills to safely work away from base

The learning promotes risk assessment, preparation and planning as essential safety tools and provides effective strategies for risk reduction. Confidence gained from being able to ‘control the risks’ will help to alleviate any concern about possible future confrontations.

Note: Before attending this course delegates should have attended the Aggression Awareness and Prevention course.

Topics covered include:

  • Emotional preparation, how to handle verbal abuse and threats, dissipating stress
  • Information sources, partnerships with crime reduction agencies
  • PPE/Keeping in touch with base/liaison with & calling emergency services
  • Journey planning  – anticipating and preparing for problems
  • Venue Risk Assessment (known risk/unknown risks
  • Client/other occupant information (including aggressive pets)
  • Safety questions to ask on-site
  • Active threat assessment
  • Recognising warning and danger signs
  • Decision making (a template to work to)
  • Verbal and non verbal communication, effects of proximity
  • Defusing anger, calming body language, tactical positioning
  • Buying time, inhibiting assaults, staying calm, disengaging, departing safely.

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This Course is listed under [Local Authority Staff Training]

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