Designed by Healthcare Security Experts

The AEGIS training programme for Healthcare Security Officers is a comprehensive training package designed in collaboration with experts from the National Association for Healthcare Security.

The Healthcare Security Officer Training Programme consists of 8 Modules.

Modules 1-7 can be completed online as e-learning.

image showing training course displayed on a pc and a mobile phone

Module 8 provides essential training on:

  • Protective breakaway and physical intervention skills (holding, escorting & disengagement)
  • Physical restraint (on a bed, a trolley and on the floor)
  • Safe application of Emergency Restraint Belts (ERBs)


Recognising prior training, avoiding training duplication

We respect that those who hold an SIA Licence should not need re-training on the same topics they covered in the licence-linked training.

So, we have tailored a ‘Top Up’ course for them that consists of just the ‘additional’ healthcare specific training elements of the Healthcare Security Officer Training course (i.e. without the learning required for SIA Security Guard licence-linked training.)

On discovering (from FOI Requests) that more than a few NHS Trusts now provide their Security teams with training in line with the NHS Core Skills Training Framework (aka NHS Statutory Mandatory Training), it made sense to tailor a course especially for them that again avoids unnecessary training overlap.

We’ve titled the new course ‘Healthcare Security Officer Mandatory Training’.

Evidencing due diligence

The online testing and examination processes methodically and systematically track training delivery, knowledge acquisition and comprehension, supporting Security Managers with a detailed, verifiable training record for each delegate that demonstrates employer due diligence.

Training Choices

There are four ‘courses’ to choose from. See below.

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Healthcare Security Officer Training

The Healthcare Security Officer Training e-learning course is open to all security professionals.

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Healthcare Security ‘Top Up’ Training

The ‘Top Up’ Programme is for those who already have a SIA Security Guarding or Door Supervisor License.

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Healthcare Security Officer Mandatory Training

This e-learning course is designed to supplement previous SIA Licence-linked training and training from the NHS Core Skills Training Framework (aka NHS Statutory Mandatory Training).

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Physical Intervention & Restraint

Face to face, classroom based Assault Avoidance, Physical Intervention & Restraint Training.

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Healthcare Security Officer Refresher

The Healthcare Security Refresher Training is designed to comprehensively test a delegate’s understanding of important aspects associated with the role and highlight any training or re-training needs.