This Half-Day training course is for staff identified as being at increased risk of abuse, threats and assaults by members of the public

Delegates learn how to inhibit an attack during a confrontation and how to protect and move away if they are grabbed hold of, or attacked. The practical skills do not require the person applying them to hurt or raise any aggression against their assailant and neither do they rely on strength superiority to be effective.

Note: Before attending this course delegates should attend the Aggression Awareness & Prevention training course.

Delegates learn and practice:

  • Tactical Positioning – safe distancing, posture, stance
  • Releasing from common types of grips and grabs
  • Shielding against blows and withdrawing to safety

Confidence derived from the training will help delegates keep a ‘positive attitude’ during any future confrontations and underpin the effective delivery of ‘talk down’ techniques, thereby improving the prospects of successfully achieving peaceful non-physical outcomes.

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