CRT is a Half-Day (mandatory) training course for all ‘frontline’ NHS Staff

This course is structured to achieve all the learning objectives set by the NHS Security Management Service for Conflict Resolution – the NHS National Syllabus.

In addition, the training also incorporates a focus on Clinically Related Challenging Behaviour (CRCB).

The training:

  • Informs about the risk of conflict and aggression
  • Provides a clear explanation of the Trust’s protective measures and legal and professional conduct issues
  • Raises awareness and understanding of clinically related challenging behaviour (CRCB)
  • Ensures staff can recognise common warning and danger signs
  • Equips delegates with knowledge and (non-physical) skills to defuse anger, resolve conflict and reduce the risk of violence.

Topics covered include:

  • Risk Awareness
  • NHS Trust Policy, organisational risk controls and conflict prevention measures
  • Legal and professional conduct expectations – including reporting concerns and incidents
  • Cultural awareness
  • Understanding Clinically Related Challenging Behaviour (CRCB)
  • Patterns of behaviour staff may encounter during difficult interactions
  • Recognising Warning & Danger signs, avoiding ‘Triggers’
  • Dynamic Risk Assessment – impact factors
  • De-escalation techniques
  • Communication models that can assist in Conflict Resolution
  • Verbal and non–verbal communication (and examples of Communication Breakdown)
  • Effective use of space and distance when dealing with conflict

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