This One-Day Physical Intervention & Restraint training course is for NHS Staff whose duties include assisting in situations where physical intervention or restraint becomes necessary

The training informs delegates of important factors to consider when deciding whether to intervene physically in a situation and equips them with suitable (non-pain-compliance) practical skills to employ if physical intervention or restraint becomes necessary.

Topics covered include:

  • Trust Policy on the management of aggression and use of physical restraint
  • The Law on physically holding and controlling a person against their will
  • Physical Intervention as a last resort option – associated dangers and risk factors
  • Scene Assessment
  • Team-working
  • Tactical Positioning, the safe use of distance
  • Communicating effectively with the subject
  • Decision Making – a template to work to
  • Intervening to protect a third party
  • Holding and escorting skills
  • Physical Restraint (on the floor, on a bed/trolley) and the safe use of ERBs
  • Monitoring the patient throughout and afterwards
  • Post incident reporting and debriefing

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Course listed under [NHS Staff Training]

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