This Half-Day training course is for all NHS Staff who work away from base in the community. The learning promotes risk assessment, preparation and planning as essential safety tools and provides effective strategies for risk reduction.

Topics covered include:

  • NHS Trust Policy and Lone Worker Procedures
  • Information sources, partnerships with crime reduction agencies
  • PPE, keeping in touch with base, liaison with & calling emergency services
  • Journey Planning – anticipating and preparing for problems
  • Venue Risk Assessment (known risk/unknown risk)
  • Client/other occupant information (including aggressive pets)
  • Safety questions to ask before entering a client’s home
  • Active Threat Assessment
  • Decision Making – a template to work to
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication, effects of proximity
  • Defusing anger, calming body language, tactical positioning
  • Buying time, inhibiting assaults, staying calm, disengaging and departing safely.

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Course listed under [NHS Staff Training]

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