Option 2: Distance Learning

The Healthcare Security Officer Training course is 'online'


  • Study when and where convenient
  • Learn at a pace that suits you
  • No travelling time or expenses
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How it works

  1. Learn
  2. Pass the Exams
  3. Download your Certificate.

When learners register, they are provided with online access to the Healthcare Security Officer Training Programme content.

The Programme consists of 57 Units of Study, separated into 7 Modules.

Learners have up to 18 months to complete the Programme.

Assessment is by online Tests and Examinations. 

At the end of each Unit is an online multiple-choice Test which Learners must pass (75%) in order to progress to take the Module Exam.

There is no limit to the time taken to complete Unit Tests or to how many times a Unit Test can be taken.

There are a total of nine* Module Exams. (*This is because Module 4 is separated into three Exams.)

Module Exams are conducted online and are time limited. The percentage needed to pass an ‘End of Module Exam’ is 75%.

In the event that a learner fails to answer enough Module Exam questions correctly, or is timed out (automatic fail), they can re-sit each ‘Module Exam’ up to three times.

When Learners have successfully passed all nine ‘Module Exams’, they have qualified and can immediately download a Certificate confirming their achievement.

Note: If a Learner fails to qualify and wishes to re-start the training, the cost of doing so will be charged at only 50% of the prevailing price.


Training Certificate Example

Delegate feed-back...

Stephen Crownson, Healthcare Security Officer, BTH NHS Foundation Trust, said:

" The Healthcare Security Officer e-learning course was very informative and thorough and I enjoyed doing it, especially the legal aspects, well laid out and a wealth of information. I've learned more doing the course over a couple of months than I have working in the hospital for 10 years! I did a NVQ 2 in support in health care services back in 2008 which covered aspects of security, but it was no where near as comprehensive or informative as this course."

Matthew Rafe, Security Team Leader, SWBH NHS Trust said:

"This course was very educational and useful. I would recommend it to all Healthcare Security Officers."


Learner Requirements:

  • An email address
  • Access to the Internet
  • Basic computer literacy and IT/ICT skills

System Requirements:

  • A broadband Internet connection
  • An up to date web browser (Google Chrome; Firefox; Safari etc.)
  • JavaScript must be enabled

Please choose...

Individual Purchase - £149

This package provides single person access to the Healthcare Security Officer Training course through to certification by the NAHS.

Group Purchase - £POA

If you are an employer, interested in purchasing the Healthcare Security Officer Training course for your team, please contact us.